Why Innovation in AdTech

The move towards a digital economy has created immense awareness on how digital inclusion can result in efficiencies. As India continues to grow, on top of the nation’s current 342 million internet users and 220 million smartphone users, this presents the ad tech sector with plenty of opportunities to engage consumers digitally on mobile and video, as well as reach a wider range of consumers.

Growing internet penetration and data consumption are leading to the increase in the digital ad and mobiles ad spends and this is where there is a tremendous opportunity. Keeping pace with the transformative changes redefining the landscape of Adtech and marketing, companies have been attempting to dig deep into chatbots, mobile, video, AI, AR, VR, and more.

At #InnovationAtCore AdTech, your organization will be at the forefront of identifying unique and disruptive solutions reforming this sector.

Why should you engage

  • Help define the problem statement you want to address in your organization during curated brainstorming sessions.
  • Enable meaningfully result driven engagements with startups for pilot projects, investment/acquisition or strategic partnerships.
  • In-Source a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in your organization through high impact interactions and networking.
  • Create a safe environment for collaboration with startups.
  • Position yourself as an employer and consumer brand which is a catalyst of innovation.