Z Nation Lab works closely with corporate innovation teams to bring new technology, products, and services to life through startup partnerships and collaborative industry accelerators.

With access to over 3,000+ startups through our network and a dedicated research team, we are the disruptive startup hub for various corporations across industries.

Through our pioneered methodology, we provide results-driven programs as an innovation partner.

IOT and
Smart Cities

Banking and

Ad Tech

Media and

Healthcare tech


We work with the innovation arms of corporates to:

  • Engage meaningfully with startups for pilot projects, investment/acquisition, or strategic partnerships
  • In-Source a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation through high impact interactions, networking, mentoring of startups
  • Create a safe environment for collaboration with startups
  • Achieve employer/consumer brand positioning as a catalyst of innovation

Participating Corporations

  • Gain insights around the technological landscape
  • Engage in key disruptive areas to shape their innovation strategy
  • Receive analysis based on the outlined key objectives for partnerships
  • Go through Custom Designed pilot testing from project scoping, design and support
  • Accelerate your time to market and realize new revenue streams

Corporate Partners