Z Nation Lab works closely with corporate innovation teams to bring new technology, products, and services to life through startup partnerships and collaborative industry accelerators. With access to over 3,000+ startups through our network and a dedicated research team, we are the disruptive startup hub for various corporations across industries.

We provide a tech R&D platform and implementation service to help Fortune 1000 brands pave the way for continued growth by transforming these companies from classic, traditional conglomerate into modern, digital conglomerates.

Our platform provides access to the top five percent of startups around the world, which are key to helping corporations build top-line revenue. Through our pioneered methodology, we provide results-driven programs as an innovation partner.

We work with the innovation arms of corporates:

Partner with Z Nation Lab to build deep engagements with startups through pilot projects and strategic partnerships. Learn the future of technology through application trends, insights and expanding investment and M&A opportunities.

Corporates will be able to leverage and in-Source a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation through high impact interactions and networking with disruptive startups. Identify and address challenges which include:

  • unprecedented competitive landscape
  • heavy dependency on cross-divisional collaboration
  • the rapidly-expanding digital ecosystem of products, services, and data.

Participating Corporations

  • Gain insights around the technological landscape
  • Engage in key disruptive areas to shape their innovation strategy
  • Receive analysis based on the outlined key objectives for partnerships
  • Go through Custom Designed pilot testing from project scoping, design and support
  • Accelerate your time to market and realize new revenue streams