Why Innovation in Healthcare & Wellbeing

Companies and Government institutions included, have been facing challenges related to demographic changes, nutrition, diseases and the need for greater access and quality in healthcare services. With a keen interest and intent to work with solutions in diagnostics, medical treatment, clinical BI platforms and solutions for disease prevention, new age entrepreneurs are bridging the gap with disruptive healthcare solutions and enabling the growth of the wellbeing segment overall.

At #InnovationAtCore Healthcare &wellbeing, your organization will be at the forefront of identifying unique and disruptive solutions reforming this sector.

Why should you engage

  • Help define the problem statement you want to address in your organization during curated brainstorming sessions.
  • Enable meaningfully result driven engagements with startups for pilot projects, investment/acquisition or strategic partnerships.
  • In-Source a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in your organization through high impact interactions and networking.
  • Create a safe environment for collaboration with startups.
  • Position yourself as an employer and consumer brand which is a catalyst of innovation.