Benefits of Investing with Z Nation Lab

Hand Picked

Professionally Curated Startups to help you invest smart


Co-Invest alongside trusted VC’s & Angels


Mentoring by industry’s best improves the startup’s business and thus their valuations faster

Why invest in a startup through an Accelerator
  • Startups are Riskier

    An asset class which comes with a high reward but correspondingly higher risk.

  • Diversified Portfolio

    Investments based on your risk appetite by building a portfolio of multiple startups.

  • Long Term Investments

    Multi baggers leading to acquisition or divestment.

Z Nation Lab - Investment: Modus operandi

Z Nation Lab is an accelerator that has a deeper focus on business development, which aims at developing early-stage startups, through ZNL Growth Fund so they can “investable for scale" by providing mentoring for development & scale within several topics; finance, marketing, management etc., establish bootcamp training programs and providing enterprise level networking rather than just physical resources.

Z Nation Lab combines the scale and scope of large corporations and the speed and spirit of small startups. ZNL provides help for cohorts of early-stage ventures to define and build their initial product, identify customer segments and provide resources, including capital, this fundamentally increases the success criteria of the startup.

The things that attract young startups to participate with ZNL, is mainly that we provide a “service” to help startups to close the gap between sales traction and give significant product feedback. Startups, and particular founders, often lack knowledge in marketing, solid network and sales, due to their background often consists of engineering and product development. This provides additional opportunities for ZNL Fund to invest in a startup at an early stage and in most cases the first investors into the company.

There are four different ways in which ZNL, corporates, and startups can benefit from collaboration through ZNL Growth Fund, that is vital for the efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Firstly, ZNL funds & incubates startups that solve big problems, giving the possibility to explore and create new markets, develop more innovative products. Second, a collaboration process where interaction with several startups are made to co-learn different approaches to solving business challenges, while the startups are given the possibility of corporates to test their product-market fit and scale. Third, is a way for startups to leverage ZNL venture partner network for scale rather than reinvent & create their own networks. The fourth way includes investments in startups which resulting in faster and cheaper MVP, reaching markets and a beneficial venture capital for the startups.