Why Innovation in Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics

The pharmaceutical industry, due to its profitable scale globally, has seen multiple successful acquisitions where major companies and small businesses have joined forces. However, with the ever-growing need to innovate and to capture larger market share, the pharmaceutical majors are being pushed by an increasingly faster ‘time-to-market’ of its products. Parallelly, increase in R&D costs and regulatory pressures have made it a difficult environment.

The cosmetics industry, in turn, has always been dynamic and expansive. The pace of launching of new products is quite accelerated, which attracts increasing customers. Therefore, the requirement of continuously innovating current products becomes imperative.

At #InnovationAtCore Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, your organization will be at the forefront of identifying unique and disruptive solutions reforming this sector.

Why should you engage

  • Help define the problem statement you want to address in your organization during curated brainstorming sessions.
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