Why Innovation in Public Service

The biggest challenge facing policymakers at both central and state levels is to ensure ‘inclusive’ growth so that the gains from increased national income are shared by all sections of society. Over the last decade, optimization of dialog channels with society, increase in Government transparency and rationalization of public machine procedures have been attempted but lacked in addressing the problem of service quality by focusing mostly on increasing spending and not enough on the question of how effectively the resources allocated are spent.

This has led to having a hard look at new tools and methodologies in analytical and predictive solutions for public and knowledge management. It is critical for a developing economy to identify solutions to make public services accessible by means of applications and tools for the development of policies. Optimization of management processes via the use of new digital technologies in services focused on data integration, geo-referencing, cloud computing, big data, and analytics; are the need of the hour.

At #InnovationAtCore Public Services, your organization will be at the forefront of identifying unique and disruptive solutions reforming this sector.

Why should you engage

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