Smart Capital

How Do We Work

We dont believe in providing mere seed capital. We invest through SMART CAPITAL. Smart capital incudes the smarts behind the money as well. Our global network of mentors, advisors and partners help you overcome your startup challenges in the fastest possible time. Through our connect with Silicon Valley VC’s, Angels and Mentors and while in our Bootcamp, we catalyse your startup success through our network effects.

Our Investment Ticket Size

We provide the first round of Smart capital ranging from $5OK $250K. Quite a few times, our partner VC funds co-invest with us thus increasing the ticket size of our investments.

What Do We Look For

Connect with us if you are a team which

  • Have an idea which can solve an existing/future human problem
  • Can adapt to changing market dynamics
  • Demonstrates impeccable leadership and management behavior
  • Has technology relevant for the emerging markets
  • Have a capital efficient business model
  • Has a potential to become disruptive category leaders