Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens at ZNL Engagement Workshop?

    We ask the founders of each startup to participate virtually for a series of sessions taken up by our Team which help startups further understand our value proposition and simultaneously the startups go through final intense evaluation process through one on one discussions (virtual and/or in person)

  • What is the investment ticket size & investment model ?

    We have a standard deal – we'll invest $50k-$100k from ZNL Growth Fund in return of the investment equity and take advisory equity for scale-up support.

  • Do we need to write a business plan to get through ZNL program?

    Our funding decisions are based on your detailed application, interviews with ZNL team, Venture Partners and Subject Matter Experts. We prefer product demos and early traction instead of business plans.

  • Will you sign an NDA? How do I know you won't steal my idea?

    No, we never sign an NDA.No venture firm would at this stage. What matters is not just ideas, but the people who work on them. Good people can fix bad ideas and make them a success story and not the other way round. Quick execution is the key.

  • Will we engage and fund multiple startups working on similar ideas?

    Most big markets have an option of letting multiple companies take share of market pie and it's unlikely that two companies will do exactly the same things

  • We did not get any revert from the ZNL team on the application or mail sent through pitch deck?

    Our team does a detailed evaluation of each application coming in and revert back to the shortlisted startups liked by the team and will be part of the upcoming engagement workshop.

  • Our team has been working on our startup for a while and has raised initial funding. Is Z Nation Lab still appropriate for us?

    We've funded few startups like that and in fact, we especially like them. We look to speed up the growth phase & provide help to any startup that hasn't already raised a series A round from VCs.

  • We are not really looking for funding.Will it still make sense to be a part of ZNL programs?

    Money is only a small part of what we provide at ZNL.Our focus is more on how we can help our startups scale up and achieve next set of meaningful milestones quickly

  • I come from a non-technical background but have a great idea. Will you still fund me?

    It is crucial for the core team to have the right skills to build their product in-house, rather than outsourcing it . Thus for most businesses, that would mean you need a technical co-founder

  • Do we need to incorporate before applying?or Founder’s agreement to be in place?

    Yes we prefer that atleast there is some formal agreement signed in between the founders and the company is registered.

  • Can a startup apply more than once?

    Yes, you can apply more than once.If you have applied before and have not got selected, we would encourage you to apply again and share the details of the progress you have made since the last application.

  • If we have participated in another incubator/accelerator program, will it still make sense to apply to ZNL program?

    Yes,you can still apply for the ZNL program. However, we expect that your startup would have reached a higher level and achieved better milestones

  • Do we need to relocate to Mumbai for the program?

    No you need not shift your base to Mumbai. You can continue to operate from wherever you are.Engagement with ZNL team, mentors & investors can happen virtually over video calls

  • I'm starting a venture. Can I meet with you in person?

    Unfortunately it is not possible for our team to meet/speak with every startup that want to engage with us in person. Thus the best way to catch our attention is to go through our application process.

  • We would like ZNL to promote our products/ services among its portfolio companies?

    We are open for exploring partnerships/ products & services that can help our startups.We do have a bouquet of services which we provide to our startups. If you would like to offer a special deal on your services or product to our portfolio companies, you can write a mail

  • What happens if we apply post the deadline?

    All the applications which comes post the monthly deadline, will be considered for the next engagement workshop and will be reviewed accordingly.