AR/VR/MR platform
Utsav Mathur
Sahil Ahuja


It is getting difficult for retailers to keep their audience engaged, and with competition growing they need to get more and more innovative with their solutions. Companies also spend a huge amount of money in training their employees where conventional training doesn't prove very effective because of a disconnect from the actual task. GMetri is a DIY VR/AR/MR platform, with an authoring, deployment and analytics toolkit that makes it extremely simple for enterprises to formulate, create and deploy immersive solutions and build training modules and/or immersive engagement platforms for their customers

Key Highlights

They have customers like Airtel who use GMetri for training their large, distributed workforce, and Myntra who uses their platform for warehousing training. Reliance Retail and Big Basket run some of the world's largest virtual shopping stores on GMetri. They have recently with the help of Z Nation Lab have turned into a US based entity and are serving clients like Microsoft.