Creating Spaces
Ravikumar M.
Keerthi Ravikumar


Owning a space already involves large initial capital investments. For homeowners, finding suitable post construction solutions that fit within their budget as well as their design sensibilities & individual requirements, can seem like playing Russian roulette with their funds. At SPACIFII they do this in several ways by bringing in a one-stop, hassle-free solution, eliminating multiple vendors and introducing a single point of contact by helping customers innovate and curate their living space at the best Value for money, Providing them with a Visual walk-through to help them visualize the end result, bringing in best brands, Quality check & After service.

Key Highlights

SPACIFII is serving customers currently in Mumbai for 50+ channel partners & Developers Hiranandani group, The Wadhwa Group & Vinay unique gardens in providing ready to move in solution in 45 days for a customer with predefined ranges of furniture with customizing as an option. They have tied up with Financial partners to help their customers fund their interiors as a value added service