About Xplorabox

Xplorabox is revolutionizing the early education industry by making the next generation healthier, smarter, more imaginative, and more innovative. They make educational activity kits and worksheets for young kids 2-12 Years leveraging on the advantages of ‘Learning Through Play’. Each box is based on a theme and contains 5 physical activities. Children spend hours engaged in the various activities (a) having fun (b) learning about different topics and themes (c) away from TV/Mobile screens avoiding negative effects of increased screen time like myopia, anxiety, obesity, and (d) enhance essential developmental skills like motor, language and cognitive skills - making Xplorabox a must have partner for all parents in their child's developmental journey.

Key Highlights

Xplorabox has shipped more than 50000 boxes in more than 500 locations all over India. They also have a high renewal rate of more than 60% and currently have 36 + products and 150+ activities in their portfolio. After raising their seed round from ZNL they’ve also raised their pre series A round from SucSEED Venture Partners, Metaform Partners, Jito Angel Network to name a few.