Grassroots & AI

May 2023
Dive into the future with our 'Grassroots & AI' investment pod, a dynamic blend of groundbreaking startups working on the grassroots.
Creating impactful change, each startup in our 'Grassroots & AI' pod revolutionizes industries. From digitizing rural SMEs to empowering hyperlocal needs and innovating in building design and AI pipeline generation, our pod ensures investors play a key role in pioneering industry innovations.
Digitising Rural SMEs
Hyperlocal Needs
AI Copilot
Listed Companies
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Total Funding - $ 7M

Digitising rural SMEs to take their sustainable products to global markets.
Marquee Investor
Beyond Capital
Yuj Ventures

Total Funding - $ 44M

Trusted platform with 40+ million users for hyperlocal needs
Marquee Investor
Global Brain
Sony Innovation
3one4 Capital

Total Funding - $ 22M

Cloud-based collaborative building design, powered by automation and Intelligent BIM
Marquee Investor
Accel Partners
Foundamental VC

Total Funding - $ 10M

AI Copilot for pipeline generation
Marquee Investor
Neotribe Ventures
Operator Collective
Correlation Ventures