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Creating a start-up can sometimes feel like entering the Matrix. You can quickly lose yourself in a maze of finding the right go to market strategy,reducing cash burn, raising funds, fickle market dynamics, grappling with paucity of talent & complex regulations. To reach your end goal, you need someone who's been there, done it and can light up the path. Welcome to Z Nation Lab- a global support ecosystem designed for high-growth start-ups and dreamers.



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At Z Nation Lab, we understand what it takes to run a startup as we are a team of passionate dreamers ourselves. We combine founder’s hunger for success with our strong value proposition to help startups achieve hockey stick growth.

With our deep industry connect and presence in Silicon Valley USA, we serve as a reliable bridge to the United States and global markets. Our support goes beyond funding of upto USD 100K, our team works closely with the founders to not only help them make the strategic decisions for business, technology scaleup, building a team, identify the right market but also help in raising the next round of funding.


Do you have what it

Congratulations! You have taken the first step of the startup journey. However, scaling-up is like running a marathon. A dream alone isn't enough. You require skill, stamina, will-power, and of course, an insane urge to succeed. If that sounds like you, then scroll below to see the eligibility criteria.


    You are not too far along! While our team offers expertise across the entire growth chain, we bring immense value in shepherding start-ups from the first investment round to Series A funding.


    You could be from any sector as long as your business is innovative, has a large market and offers genuine technology solutions to real world problems, come talk to us.


    The most successful people(always) follow their passion and not pay-cheque. To add to that if your passion is also backed by the requisite skillset or relevant experience, then you are the founder who would impress us. Just a tip, you must be full-time founders, 100% committed to your startup.


    You will not qualify (unless you prove us wrong) if you are a single founder company or does not have MVP or have conflicting interests in other business.

Our Portfolio

Working with the brightest minds to deliver outstanding results

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    “Everyone at ZNL have been extremely helpful and have connected us with customers, partners, mentors and it would really not have been possible for us to come this far without them and their constant support and guidance. They also supported us fully as we pivoted to a more sustainable and financially rewarding business model and helped set us up for some exponential growth in the near future.”

    Sachin Naik
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    “ZNL helped GMetri bridge the gap and get access to the USA market by helping us flip to the USA, exploring clients in India and the USA while helping us find new use cases for our technology, funding as well as drafting alliances that could help the company grow and level up. We are delighted to have access to a great, founder focused, motivated team that helps across the spectrum on the needs and aspirations of a growth stage startup. ”

    Utsav Mathur
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    “ZNL backed us during the prototype phase and has been more than an investor, but a mentor with an advisory team from various backgrounds be it corporate, investors, consultants and even other startup founders. They have always acted as a crucial support system for us. We’ve also been able to leverage their partner network of other startups and SME’s which have given us boost in business- much required during the early stages. ”

    Vineet Rajan
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    “Since ZNL invested in us they have been helping us extensively, especially in helping us flip to the USA and they also acted as a catalyst in helping us capture the USA market quickly. We had constant support from the ZNL team in every aspect be it seeking partnerships, advising us on different corporate matters and also getting in touch whenever any opportunity comes up and they think it might suit us. ZNL also played a very crucial role in our acquisition by a US listed company . ”

    Ankur Garg
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    “As a startup you want investors who understand your business and believe in it and you, since we took the funding from ZNL they have been more than just our investors, they have been our growth partners. They have an amazing team of mentors and have helped us improving our business plans our financials and they also helped us scale up the technology and also with our next round of funding. ”

    Rishi Das