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Access the future of investing with our investment pods, minimizing risk and maximizing potential returns.
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Early access innovation through startup investments, tapping into disruptive potential that revolutionizes industries.

High growth potential
Revolutionize industries is repeating as it is in left tab also.. can you think something else in high growth potential
Invest in diverse startups
Expand portfolio diversity with startups, mitigating risk by spreading investments across various industries and asset classes for better returns.
Enhance entrepreneurship

Investing in startups fuels entrepreneurship, promotes small business growth, and drives economic development.

24/7 Customer Support
Our dedicated customer support team is available around the clock to help you with any issues you may have.
5 Global Data Centers
Our cloud infrastructure is hosted across five data centers located in different regions across the world.

Co-invest with marquee investors

Invest in exclusive investment pods with strong VC backing, ensuring support and potential for significant growth.
Accel Partners
Has invested in over 300 companies, including Facebook, Slack, and Dropbox.
Y Combinator
Has funded over 4,000 startups, including Airbnb, Coinbase, Cruise and DoorDash.
General Catalyst
Portfolio of 672 companies including 70 unicorns including CRED, Stripe and Aura
Gain a strategic edge
Startups that are backed by marquee investors have undergone rigorous due diligence thus offer reduced risk. Joining forces with VCs provides a strategic advantage, minimizing uncertainties in early-stage investments.
Secured startup prospects
VC backing is a vote of confidence in a startup's business model, market potential, and growth prospects. Co-investors gain invaluable validation from experienced VCs, enhancing their investment decisions and strategies.
Insightful investment networks
VCs provide invaluable industry expertise and insights. Co-investing can leverage this knowledge, gaining access to a network of professionals for guidance and support, securing your investment journey.
Secure follow-on opportunities
Thriving startups often seek additional funding rounds. Co-investing with VCs enhances the chance of securing follow-on investment opportunities, enabling investors to sustain and potentially amplify their stakes in successful ventures.

Decoding our investment pods

Join elite investors who trust and invest in our pod theory,a testament to the intelligence and success embedded in it.

Startup risk mitigation
While investing solely in startups may appear risky, our risk-adjusted approach, facilitated through investment pods, mitigates capital loss by co-investing in diverse startups.
Resilient market navigation
In a dynamic setting, startups face rapid market changes.Our diversified portfolio brings adaptability, seizing opportunities and flexibly navigating market shifts to ensure resilience and success in ever-changing environments.