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Guiding startups with expertise, ensuring thriving success in their journey.

What is our startup support?

At Z Nation Lab, we comprehend the intricate challenges startups face. To simplify their journey, we provide multifaceted support services, acknowledging the unique hurdles and fostering their growth with comprehensive solutions.


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Accounting and financial service

Our team of financial experts helps our startups navigate multi-jurisdictional laws, excelling in cross-border structures, investment rounds, and M&A. Partner with us for seamless cross-border operations, serving 150+ companies with 80% fundraising success.

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Tech development support

Trust ZNL to curate a team of experts for your needs such as AI engineers, app developers, UI/UX specialists, and more.We deliver 80+ projects with 90% on-time success and offer 150+ resources for startups.

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Support for expansion in USA

Elevate your immigrant startup in North America with our startup support service. Benefit from mentorship, go-to-market strategy, performance marketing, and storytelling, backed by investment for success.